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The Courage to Change

20180807_105055 (1)I have been supporting people on their journey of personal and spiritual growth for 13 years now. I have observed that it is all very well having a dream but what separates the dreamers from the those who actually manifest the dream?

One simple thing…….COURAGE.

For any positive change to manifest in either our inner or our outer worlds, we must accept that life as we know it must be altered somehow.  It can be challenging when we move from one way of being to another and we humans tend to make it even more difficult by thinking we have some control over how it all plays out!

For example, last week I asked the Universe for clear guidance about how to handle an addiction which I have lived with for 35 years.  As a Life Coach I know that the first steps to change are to get clear about WHAT we want instead of the current reality, WHY we want it and how it will make us FEEL.

What I WANT is to feel really alive in my healthy, energetic body.

Great, that is 100% clear.

WHY I want this is because I want to FEEL more vibrant physically and to age well.

Fantastic, that is also clear.

But do all my habits NOW reflect vibrant health and vitality?  Am I doing the same old thing the same old way and expecting a different outcome?

Uh oh!  Fail! Mismatch! Unclear signal!!

I am sending out mixed messages so the Universe is giving me mixed manifestations.  I live this incredibly liberated and beautiful life here in the Dordogne with my perfect partner and all is well in my world.  Yet, here I am stuck in the same old internal cycle of addiction and not making the changes that are required.

Why all the procrastinating, avoidance and self-sabotage?

Simple.  Fear. Of failing (again). Of the challenges of letting go of any addiction. Of changing my thought patterns and my behavioural patterns. Who will I be without it? How will I cope? Will I become really boring? The roller-coaster of change can be a scary ride sometimes……

change rollercoaster

And yet, I live with a man who trained with Susan Jeffers and taught Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway workshops for years so fear isn’t something that gets much of a say in my relationship with Eoin Scolard!

And what is my antidote to fear?


Pure and simple.

“Coeur” in French means “heart” and courage has kept calling me to live from my heart, to be vulnerable, to be authentic, to be open, to embrace my intuitive nature, to live a fabulously unconventional, free life and to speak my truth. It also allows me to feel safe being a bit ‘witchy’ without fear of being burnt at the stake (cue traumatic past life memory!).

When I live in my heart I have access to all the courage I need to handle change with grace and ease. And so it is. I continue to listen to my heart’s wisdom and take baby steps to change.


I am so passionate about this subject at the moment that I have decided to pop back to Ireland to give 2 evening workshops called THE COURAGE TO CHANGE.  I do hope you will decide me in Dublin on Tuesday 6 November and in Newry on Friday 23 November.


Women's Christmas.png

I will also be back in Ireland on Sunday 6 January for a very special day with me called WOMEN’S CHRISTMAS which is going to be a powerful gathering of sisterhood to let you reflect on all the lessons and learnings of 2018, to relax deeply so that you can be receptive, and to refocus on your dreams for 2019.

I hope to see you there and, in the meantime, follow me or Positive Living Network on your social media for more on the Courage to Change.

Jenny G x

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