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One body, many brains

I truly love the brain in my head.  It is an amazing organ and I am so grateful that it is in good health.  It does such a great job. However, it is not my only brain.  The more I live here and the older I get, the more I rely on my heart and my gut in my decision-making and as my guides through life.  My mind is wonderful but only when I put it to work in service of my heart. 

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What to do with a Glut of Courgettes /Zucchini

It is the first week of August and our second summer here at La Girouette is in full swing.  We learnt a lot from our first summer in the potager (veg garden) but, despite my decision to plant a LOT less courgette seeds, we have been harvesting about 2.5 kg of them a day for… Continue reading What to do with a Glut of Courgettes /Zucchini