Energy Healing

It feels very strange for me to be adding this page to my website as we move towards Winter Solstice 2022 because it is something that I don’t talk about very much any more. But, in much the same way as my hands create such beauty in the garden here at La Girouette, they also provide pain relief and deep relaxation to most people that they touch. And my inner guidance is to telling me let people know that I am here to help if they feel drawn to work with me in this way.

Yes, I am a Reiki master but I don’t buy in to definitions or tags these days.

What I can say is that if you lie down on my comfy massage table and let me lay my hands on you, it will probably help with whatever physical, mental, or emotional dis-ease you are suffering. That’s what people tell me anyway!

So, if you live within an easy drive of Calès 24150 in the Dordogne and you would like to spend 90 minutes with me with the intention of soothing whatever is troubling you, please feel free to email me .

The cost is 70 euro per 90 minute session. You will be fully clothed throughout but I do need to actually lay my hands on whichever part of your body they feel drawn to touch.  Apart from that, all I ask is that you come willing and as open as you can be to receiving healing and love.