Women’s Wisdom Coaching


cropped-GoddessBlog_notextYou are needed…..

Do you feel called to be of service to others at this time of huge change on our planet?

Are you a light-worker or doing some form of work which involves supporting others in their own personal and/or spiritual growth?

Can you feel an inner calling to give more, to be more, to shine brightly?

Do you crave to live whole-heartedly while still retaining your inner balance?

Then you are in the right place……

Why Women’s Wisdom Coaching?

If you don’t already know me, you can find out more about who I am here.  Over my 13 year career as a Life Coach and owner of 3 businesses involved with well-being, I have watched with interest as more and more women have decided to follow their hearts and launch their own businesses doing work which they truly care about and which gives them a strong sense of purpose.  More often than not this work includes supporting other people on their own journey towards a happier, more fulfilling life.  This is such important work at this stage of our evolution as human beings.

However, this can come at a cost……

I see my sisters taking on more and more roles and responsibilities and stretching themselves so thin that, all too often, they end up snapping.  The desire to GIVE and, in many cases, to prove ourselves is so strong that the importance of being able to RECEIVE is overlooked.

Women are stressed out, overstretched, overwhelmed and totally out of sync with the ANCIENT FEMININE WISDOM and the RHYTHMIC CYCLES OF NATURE.

Moon quote

I am passionate about supporting YOU to RECONNECT with your WILD WOMAN, your CYCLES and the MAGIC of the MOON CYCLES while also creating a BALANCED, GROUNDED LIFE and a HEART-CENTRED BUSINESS that reflects the truth of who you really are.

Is this really possible?  Well, as I write these words I am the owner of 3 successful businesses in Ireland – Positive Living Network , Source Wellbeing Centre and FreshStart Coaching – and yet I only work 2 hours a day from my home here in the Dordogne!  My life is full of love, freedom, space, peace and adventures…..such a difference from the exhausted, burnt out 35 year old TV Producer I was 15 years ago.

Are you ready to re-connect with your inner wise woman and to allow the Divine Feminine to guide your life?

Then Women’s Wisdom Coaching has manifested in your life at just the perfect time.

Maya Quote 1

What is it?

The inner guidance to offer a 12 month WOMEN’S WISDOM COACHING programme has been coming to me for some time now but, as I move into the Crone stage of my life, I understand that timing is everything.

After having had time to settle in to my new life in France, it feels right for me to launch the first annual Women’s Wisdom Coaching programme around this Samhain (31 October) 2018.  I am offering the opportunity to 10 female clients to come on a profoundly empowering and deeply healing 12 month journey with me.  Balance is key for me in my own life, so I choose to work with a maximum on 10 soul sisters for this year-long transformative process.  This allows me to give you all my focus and energy during our time together with the sole purpose of empowering you to create the change which you are craving in any and all areas of your life.  No subjects are off limits and my sole intention is to support you in being all that you can be.

This programme includes:-

  • A 90 minute on-line 1-1 PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIP & COACHING CALL with me every NEW MOON for 12 months.  We will start by getting VERY CLEAR about what you really want to create and manifest in the year ahead and then work through any RESISTANCE or ENERGETIC BLOCKS which are holding you back from that.   No subjects off limits.  Bring all of YOU to the sessions and watch the magic happen.  These sessions will take place within 2 days of each new moon and will last for 90 minutes each.  New moon energy is perfect for planting new seeds and starting new projects so why not make the most of it with me?
  • 12 monthly on-line GROUP SESSIONS on the FULL MOON each month (90 minutes each).  A great way to connect with new soul sisters who are on the same journey, to share wisdom, to learn from each other and to harness the energy of the full moon to let go of anything which is blocking us.
  • A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for you and the other sisters who are ready and courageous enough to embark on this process with me.  This CIRCLE OF SISTERS will offer you support, networking opportunities, resources, inspiration, guidance, wisdom.  The power of women gathering together with the intention of empowering and supporting each other is like no other power on this planet.  Let’s harness it and make it work for us in our lives.
  • A ‘LIVE’ BROADCAST from me once a week (via the private FB group) based on questions and themes arising during the month.

Fire quote

What is the Launch Offer?

The first 10 soul sisters to be courageous and open enough to reach out for support and guidance from me this coming year can benefit from my Launch Offer of €1999 (reduced from €2160).  If you KNOW in your soul that this is right for you then click here……


There is a Payment Plan (available upon request). However, I strongly recommend that you give this programme as a gift to yourself and do not take on any debt to do so.  Debt is a negative energy and I would far rather that you empowered yourself by putting aside 10% of your income each month before you paying it to anyone else.  This is a great habit to get into and sends out a clear message to the Universe that you are ready to value yourself and to improve your relationship with prosperity.  This is something I am very passionate about – women really learning to value themselves and put themselves first so they have the energy to create amazing changes on this planet by bringing more light to it.

Simply email me today to grab 1 of the 10 places on offer.

If you are not 100% sure about whether this is right for you then click here……


This programme can be invoiced as Business Coaching which is an allowable business expense for taxation purposes.


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